About Eudaimonia®

The ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, created the word "eudaimonia" from the root word "daimon" – which means "power" or "true nature" or "spirit" – and "eu," which means "good." Through the practice of Eudaimonia® Psychology principles, you'll be able to decide how you want to respond to life's challenges, and thrive as a result. Dr. Donna's unique form of psychotherapy was built on the foundation of Positive Psychology. She founded Eudaimonia® Psychology to share the additional methods and tools she created, which further enable people to live a joyful life – despite their circumstances.

Eudaimonia Therapy® by Dr. Donna.
Results-driven psychotherapy, designed to help you continually live joyfully. The program is quick, its delivery is easy, and the results are profound.

What is Eudaimonia® Psychology?

Eudaimonia® Psychology utilizes a holistic approach of psychological methods and tools needed to live in a state of "well-being." It’s the understanding that if you change your thoughts you will change your life. Through the process you will come to the understanding that life’s challenges will consistently come into your experience, and no matter how painful they may be, it is up to each individual to take 100% responsibility for where they are in life, and own the decisions they have made. It’s about practicing a state of well-being in which one does not pursue happiness, one exists in it – and accepts unpleasantness as a necessary developmental stage for growth. This does not mean that you won't feel pain. It means that you'll have the tools to manage the pain, and understand the necessity of negative emotions –  learning how to walk alongside them, without fear of failure and demise.

Eudaimonia® Psychology provides each and every one of us the ability to #DecideAndThrive.