Dr. Donna's Eudaimonia® Certification Programs

As the Founder of Eudaimonia® Psychology, Dr. Donna personally oversees the training and certification of all Clinicians seeking to expand their practice using the modern tools and techniques of Eudaimonia® Psychology. This allows us to ensure that all Eudaimonia® Certified Clinicians meet our standards of quality and care. Our exclusive network of Eudaimonia® Certified Clinicians is a cut above the rest, and can truly help any seeker make a difference when seeking therapy.

Dr. Donna's accreditations and professional experience have also allowed her to create an exclusive mentoring and certification program for Businesses seeking to raise their bar in terms of how they operate and interact with both their staff and clientele. Becoming a Eudaimonia® Certified Business can help you unlock the hidden potential and talent of your team, improving leadership, communication, creativity, and growth!

Eudaimonia® Clinician Certification Program

Dr. Donna's 10-week course teaches the clinician tools and methods of Eudaimonia® Psychology that she has found to be so effective in getting clients to their place of “calm.” Enabling them to live by intention rather than reaction, regardless of what life throws their way.

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Eudaimonia® Business Certification Program

Transform your business through my Eudaimonia® Business Certification program. A refreshing take on Industrial Psychology, utilize the tried and true methods of Eudaimonia® Psychology to grow your business through more meaningful team engagement and more powerful customer connections.


Living in a State of Eudaimonia® means

  • Taking 100% responsibility for your life.
  • Knowing that everything happens for you, not to you.
  • Understanding there are no mistakes in life, only choices and consequences.
  • Obstacles are nothing more than stepping stones.
  • You live by intention rather than reaction.
  • There are no rules except for the ones you place upon yourself.
  • Letting go of all that is negative.
  • Changing your thoughts will change you life.
  • You are never too old to accomplish your dreams.
  • You can accomplish anything when you stand in your power.
  • You are perfectly imperfect as God doesn't make junk!