User & Services Agreement

Eudaimonia Psychology, Inc. (the “Company,” “we” or “us”) believes in transparent policy with respect to our user’s and the usage of our web portal content or other related systems; we are also committed to compliance with laws and industry guidelines. This User and Services Agreement describes a basic agreement for users choosing to consume web portal content and access our web portal and other related systems; this pertains to any user viewing without logging in by means of desktop or mobile web browser, to any users logging in with a password to view, or by any other means of access to downloadable consumable content by streaming visually and/or audibly, by accessing printable and other types of content documents, and by any other means of access.  By accessing you agree to all terms listed on this page and agree to continue to adhere to any updated terms through means of continued and ongoing access on this Website (“”) or any associated subdomains. This User and Services Agreement does not apply to any other Company or third-party sites that we may link or refer users to.

After reading this User and Services Agreement, you will know:

  1. Ths services and content we provide;
  2. Purchased content license and entitlement to access;
  3. Content Replication, Broadcast, or Re-posting;
  4. Puchases and Refunds;
  5. How you can contact the Company

Please be sure to read this User and Services Agreement before using this Website or submitting information to us. Our User and Services Agreement may change from time to time and your continued use of the Website is acceptance of such changes, so please check this area periodically for updates to this User and Services Agreement.


We provide Eudaimonia therapy related content and services including self help and coaching materials, training materials, licensed business materials, and even licensed clinician materials.  We take pride in our hard work here at Eudaimonia Psychology, Inc. and remain committed to our mission statement of “Leaving the world a better place than we found it, one person at a time.”  All content and services are intended to be helpful and accessible.  If there is something you don’t understand about content or services you have received we encourage you to contact us so we can help you resolve any issue you may have.


By purchasing our content and accessing our systems you are granted a single user license to stream, download, and use our content for your own private and personal usage.  You may not under any circumstances transfer your single user license to another user.  Each user must have their own single user license for any password protected content they access through our web portal or related systems.  You are entitled to continual access to content for as long as we are able to host it.  Generally, any published content will be hosted or a period of one year minimum starting the day after public and private sales conclude and are no longer available for any particular content. We reserve the right to remove and revise content from time to time while content is hosted and any time including the one year minimum period after public and private sales conclude.  We may from time to time also conclude that old content may no longer provide value and we reserve the right to permanently remove such content whether it is replaced with similar or alternative content.  Any content similar to a prior content license for newly published content will require the purchase of a new license, we do not allow for content license upgrades.  You are further entitled to reasonable access to content, we encourage you to use our content over and over again, the goal is to improve your life by helping you and in turn make the world a better place through our paid content.  Please keep in mind any access to our system we determine to be abusive that overly consumes bandwidth or creates a taxing load on our systems and networks shall not be permitted and will constitute a break of this User and Services Agreement and shall result in immediate account termination and legal action to recover any sustained damages resulting from abusive access.  You should be able to watch and consume content generally 24/7 unless we experience a network outage.  We do not permit multiple simultaneous streams as this may put additional load on our systems and network bandwidth so we ask that you please consume services one stream at a time.


You may not under any circumstance replicate in full or partial through any copy mechanisms or means any content provided from our site without our explicit and contractually agreed content.  Purchasing a content license only entitles you to access and consume the content for as long as it is hosted.  You may not share access to content for any other person but yourself.  Each person accessing the system requires their own purchase license for any designated and content protected by passwork via our web portal.  Sharing access or broacasting any content will constitute a breach of this User and Services Agreement and shall result in immediate account termination and legal action to recover any lost value for content accessed through sharing or broadcasting.  Please bare in mind that it costs us money as a company to create and provide online web access to our content and to continually provide ongoing access to our website and related systems, so we cannot make exception to this policy with regard to paid content.  You may also not re-post any purchased or paid material and you do not have any rights or permissions to report on and reveal any trade secrets or methods contained within our content that we provide through paid access, this includes but is not limited to all social media platforms, blogs, websites, photo sites, review sites, etc.  If you would like to feature our content we require explicit content through a contractual agreement.  You may however post about us and your own personal experience whether you love or hate something we’ve made.  We encourage honesty and for perspective as a company are trying to help people make the world a better place through our paid content.


For any purchases made for content, services, or any other item sold on this website, or by means of promotional material or cross marketing that we actively manage, all sales are final.  We don’t offer refunds for content and services particulary due to it’s volite nature to be replicated and copied once accessed and consumed.  This is a standard practice and an industry practice as seen with many other streaming and content access websites.  If there is a problem with your purchase, we encourage you to contact us so we can help you work out any such problem.  We also don’t offer refunds on any other items or goods.  If something you purchased is damaged, or there is another type of issue, please contact us so we can help you work out any such problem.

LIVE EVENTS are not eligible for refunds.  When we organize and host an exclusive event we are on the hook for all accommodations, venues, materials, services, and other related expenses associated with your purchase, as a result we do not offer refunds on Live Events.  However, we do allow you to gift or transfer your reservation should you no longer be able to attend.  To do so please contact us via email to make this gift or transfer.

ONLINE LIVE EVENTS are not eligible for refunds.  We incur costs associated with each attendee reservation and must pay broadcasting and hosting providers for each potential attendee regardless of attendance.  We cannot guarantee that you will not experience connectivity issues beyond our control which might cause stuttering, pausing, skipping, or complete loss of video feed.  If for any reason you experience a loss we generally make a recorded version of the material available after broadcast.  This will be emailed to you once it is made available.  We will make this video available only for a limited time so we recommend reviewing the video one week of email receipt to ensure your ability to view before the post broadcast video is taken down.  If you cannot attend you can contact us via email at least 24 hours before the event and we can transfer your reservation to someone else of your choosing.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this User and Services Agreement, please contact us at:


This User and Services Agreement was last updated on September 23, 2022.