Dr. Donna's Eudaimonia® Certification Programs

As the Founder of Eudaimonia® Psychology, Dr. Donna personally oversees the training and certification of all Clinicians seeking to expand their practice using the modern tools and techniques of Eudaimonia® Psychology. This allows us to ensure that all Eudaimonia® Certified Clinicians meet our standards of quality and care. Our exclusive network of Eudaimonia® Certified Clinicians is a cut above the rest, and can truly help any seeker make a difference when seeking therapy.

Dr. Donna's accreditations and professional experience have also allowed her to create an exclusive mentoring and certification program for Businesses seeking to raise their bar in terms of how they operate and interact with both their staff and clientele. Becoming a Eudaimonia® Certified Business can help you unlock the hidden potential and talent of your team, improving leadership, communication, creativity, and growth!

What qualities define a
Eudaimonia® Certified Clinician?

Eudaimonia® Clinicians must be licensed and certified in a mental health profession before they are welcome into the Eudaimonia® Psychology training program. This is what separates them from any life coaching model. Eudaimonia® Clinicians practice a holistic approach to psychotherapy that takes traditional therapy into the 21st century; it becomes an objective conversation with their client, taking them away from rehashing their past, and walking them into their future.

Eudaimonia® Therapy allows clients to walk alongside their fears as opposed to getting swallowed up by them. It teaches the client how to stand in their power and take control of their lives by letting go of guilt, regret, self-punishment and shame. Eudaimonia® Clinicians deliver a practical, step-by-step, five-session program that will change clients lives swiftly and profoundly, followed by therapeutic life coaching that continues the support.

Eudaimonia® Therapy is quick and relevant. It was developed by Dr. Donna as she worked with NFL players in the 1990s. Not having the luxury of time, Dr. Donna would receive players on a Monday and have only six days to get them psychologically refocused for game day the following Sunday. Capitalizing on the success she was having with professional athletes, she began applying the same tools and methods to the clients in her private practice and over the course of 30 years she developed and perfected a holistic approach to therapy that will change psychotherapy for decades to come.  Her work and psychological practices were the inspiration for USA Network's TV show, "Necessary Roughness," which gained critical acclaim and received the Voice Award for raising mental health awareness. The success of her clients and the success of the practitioners ascribing to her Eudaimonia® Psychology is what sets her methodology above the rest.

Eudaimonia® Therapy is timely, the energy is pure, the material is profound and the possibility of its healing is limitless.

What qualities define a
Eudaimonia® Certified Business?

A Eudaimonia business culture will allow your executives to be more effective and your employees to be more productive. Dr. Donna's Eudaimonia® business relationship model provides effective, customized psychological approaches that are designed to move professionals and businesses beyond common upward limiting beliefs, taking them to the next level.

Communication is the key to growth in any successful organization. Teaching employees to take 100 percent responsibility for their behavior and productivity cannot happen if the business environment does not promote a safe culture in which to express oneself.

It takes a eudaimonia team to be innovative. It takes leaders who practice self-awareness to bring the best out of people. Healthy communication provides both. One can either manage employees or lead them. The CEO who leads is the visionary required in our new normal and will lead the way as our world redesigns our global industrial interactions.

Employ Eudaimonia® techniques into the culture of your organization and watch how your company becomes a cut above the rest in performance, team work and creativity.

Living in a State of Eudaimonia® means

  • Taking 100% responsibility for your life.
  • Knowing that everything happens for you, not to you.
  • Understanding there are no mistakes in life, only choices and consequences.
  • Obstacles are nothing more than stepping stones.
  • You live by intention rather than reaction.
  • There are no rules except for the ones you place upon yourself.
  • Letting go of all that is negative.
  • Changing your thoughts will change you life.
  • You are never too old to accomplish your dreams.
  • You can accomplish anything when you stand in your power.
  • You are perfectly imperfect as God doesn't make junk!